Shruti Sannon

Shruti Sannon

Privacy researcher and PhD Candidate at Cornell University

I’m a fifth year PhD Candidate working in the areas of human-computer interaction and social computing in the Department of Communication at Cornell University. I’m co-advised by Dr. Natalie Bazarova and Dr. Dan Cosley

I research how people navigate privacy issues and protect their privacy in multiple technological contexts, with a focus on new forms of digitally-mediated labor. I am particularly interested in how privacy decision-making — and technology use more broadly — can be additionally complex for populations who face economic, social, and health-related challenges. The goal of my research is to inform how technologies can be designed to be more inclusive, ethical, and privacy-protective for users with diverse needs and experiences. I employ a range of methods in my work, including interviews, experiments, surveys, and content analyses.

I’m fortunate to have received a Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant, a Cornell University Center for the Study of Inequality Grant, and a Cornell Fellowship for my research. My work has been published in a number of social computing and HCI venues, including the ACM conference proceedings for CHI, CSCW, and GROUP. 

Before Cornell, I worked as a research associate on issues of Internet governance and technology policy at the Governance Lab at New York University, where I also earned a Master of Arts in Communication. In a previous life before academia, I worked in consumer research for multinational brands such as Coca-Cola and American Express.  

You can email me at ss3464 [at] cornell [dot] edu, or tweet me @shsannon.

Recent News!

Aug 2020: The paper from my internship at Microsoft Research was accepted to CSCW 2020! It was great working with my coauthors at MSR: Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Kathleen Walker, and Adam Fourney. [PDF]

June 2020: I’m so pleased and glad to have received a Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant! This funding will allow me to continue my research on a topic that is important to me: making gig platforms more inclusive and privacy-protective for workers with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities.

May 2020: Some good news in the middle of the pandemic — I received the Anson E. Rowe Advanced Graduate Student award from the Department of Communication at Cornell, awarded based on research productivity, teaching excellence, and contribution to the communication community.

Jan 2020: My paper on how people navigate privacy violations committed by conversational agents was published in the Proceedings of the ACM (GROUP 2020)! [PDF]

Nov 2019: I’m attending the Doctoral Consortium at CSCW 2019 in Austin! Also happy that our paper on mitigating cyberbullying on social media got accepted to CSCW.

June 2019: Excited to announce that I’ll be joining Microsoft Research as a Graduate Research Intern in Seattle this month! I’ll be working with Mihaela Vorvoreanu and Adam Fourney.

May 2019: Busy month of conferencing — in Glasgow for CHI2019 and DC for ICA2019!

Jan 2019: Paper on privacy in human-agent interaction accepted at ICA 2019! 

Dec 2018: Two first-author papers conditionally accepted at CHI 2019! One on how privacy management functions as invisible labor on Amazon MTurk [PDF], and one on how people with invisible chronic illnesses navigate social media [PDF].

Nov 2018: At CSCW to present a poster on how people make stress-related disclosures to social agents

Aug 2018: At SOUPS to present on Privacy Lies, and to attend the Workshop on Inclusive Privacy and Security 

April 2018: A busy CHI in Montreal! Presenting a paper on Privacy Lies, a poster on privacy on MTurk, supporting a second paper on health management, and attending the CHIMe workshop 

April 2018: Back in DC to attend Technology, Mind and Society, presenting research on anonymity and privacy around health-related disclosures on Twitter

February 2018: At the U.S. Federal Trade Commission in DC, presenting research on MTurk privacy issues at PrivacyConD