Shruti Sannon

Shruti Sannon

Privacy researcher and PhD Candidate at Cornell University

I’m a fifth year PhD Candidate working in the areas of human-computer interaction and social computing in the Department of Communication at Cornell University. I’m co-advised by Dr. Natalie Bazarova and Dr. Dan Cosley

I research how people navigate privacy issues and protect their privacy in multiple technological contexts. I am particularly interested in how privacy decision-making — and technology use more broadly — can be additionally complex for populations who face economic, social, and health-related challenges. The goal of my research is to inform how technologies can be designed to be more inclusive, ethical, and privacy-protective for users with diverse needs and experiences. I employ a range of methods in my work, including interviews, experiments, surveys, and content analyses.

Before Cornell, I worked as a research associate on issues of Internet governance and technology policy at the Governance Lab at New York University, where I also earned a Master of Arts in Communication. Prior to academia, I worked in consumer research for multinational brands such as Coca-Cola and American Express.  

You can email me at ss3464 [at] cornell [dot] edu, or tweet me @shsannon.

Recent News!

Nov 2019: My paper on how people navigate privacy violations committed by conversational agents was accepted to GROUP 2020! [PDF preprint]

Sept 2019: I’ll be attending the Doctoral Consortium at CSCW2020 in Austin! Also happy that our paper on mitigating cyberbullying on social media got accepted to CSCW.

June 2019: Excited to announce that I’ll be joining Microsoft Research as a Graduate Research Intern in Seattle this month! I’ll be working with Mihaela Vorvoreanu and Adam Fourney.

May 2019: Busy month of conferencing — in Glasgow for CHI2019 and DC for ICA2019!

Jan 2019: Paper on privacy in human-agent interaction accepted at ICA 2019! 

Dec 2018: Two first-author papers conditionally accepted at CHI 2019! One on how privacy management functions as invisible labor on Amazon MTurk [PDF preprint], and one on how people with invisible chronic illnesses navigate social media [PDF preprint].

Nov 2018: At CSCW to present a poster on how people make stress-related disclosures to social agents

Aug 2018: At SOUPS to present on Privacy Lies, and to attend the Workshop on Inclusive Privacy and Security 

April 2018: A busy CHI in Montreal! Presenting a paper on Privacy Lies, a poster on privacy on MTurk, supporting a second paper on health management, and attending the CHIMe workshop 

April 2018: Back in DC to attend Technology, Mind and Society, presenting research on anonymity and privacy around health-related disclosures on Twitter

February 2018: At the U.S. Federal Trade Commission in DC, presenting research on MTurk privacy issues at PrivacyCon